Excel Macros

CMB automiser (Excel) 

The grand ancestor of CMB Automiser. This app based on excel macro infrastructure is no longer maintained and should be considered abandoned for lack of portability and stability in favour of Gtk, Python and Latex powered CMB Automiser.

Excel Estimate Pro

The grand ancestor of GEstimator and my first foray into excel based macro programming. Uses standard schedule of rates and analysis to generate estimates and justification statements. Being excel based, it is inherently not portable and less stable.

Drawing Estimater

Uses export data from Autocad drawings coupled with specially designed block library and layers to create automated electrical estimation from AutoCad drawings. The program while fine for personal use is cumbersome for a third party to use. While the concept being exotic further development is hampered by proprietary nature of the CAD ecosystem.


    CMB automiser (Excel):  cmb template - ver 1_4_8.xlsm 
    Excel Estimate Pro:  SCHEDULE VER 5.xlsm, DAR 13 2014 NOV REV1.xls 
    Drawing Estimator:  DRAWING ESTIMATOR.zip


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