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CMB Automiser 3.0 released

CMB Automiser 3.0 has been released with numerous features and bug fixes. This version is a complete rewrite to support python 3 and brings along fully documented and re-factored code. The 2.x series is hereby discontinued and all future development will focus on the 3.x series.

NOTE: Version 3.0.x project files cannot be opened on version 2.x.x and vice versa.

Changelist New featuresCMBs can now be exported as .xlsx file.Schedule and measurement lists can now be traversed using interactive search.New dialog for schedule item selection with better usability and interactive search support.New import dialog for spreadsheet allowing import of data from any portion of spreadsheet.Exit confirmation for main window and measurement items to prevent accidental data loss.Changes to documentation to reflect new features. Bug Fixes:  Codebase ported to python3 for future proofing.Modifying schedule after billing breaks bill.Modifying Measurements after billing breaks bill.Check feasibility …