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School Choise: Socialised Education vs School Vouchers

The matter of choice in education involves two moral issues. Freedom of parents to choose the education they seem fit for their children. Right of the child to receive an education that would enable them to live a meaningful life they see fit. FREEDOM OF PARENTSIt has been an established legal concept all over the world that a person below the legal age of consent is incapable of making his own decisions and that authority should be left to the parent/guardian; a main component of which is education. This is regarded as a natural right in most cultures. It is also widely perceived that parents provide the best care for their children. This may be because the evolution into social primates has led to the inculcation of a strong sense of kin preference in humans. It is also the reason for the preference of foster care over institutional care in developed nations. Hence education which is one of the most important part of a child's development is better served if the decision is take…