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CMB Automiser 3.1.3 released

CMB Automiser 3.1.3 has been released with some major bug fixes.

Changelist Bug Fixes: Fixed strange behavior in measurements module.Fixed bugs in bill rendering.Fixed rounding behavior to match currency rounding standards.Binary PackagesFedora 24:  CMBAutomiser3-3.1.3-1.noarch.rpm

CMB Automiser 3.1 released

CMB Automiser 3.1 has been released with some new features and bug fixes.

Changelist New featuresAdded support for multiline heading itemsAdded support for exporting abstract and bill to xlsxAdded progressbar for progress display Bug Fixes:  Typo in CMB preambleMeasurement abstarct not added when selection existsWrong behaviour tracking unsaved changesBinary Packages Fedora 21:  CMBAutomiser3-3.1.0-1.noarch.rpm

CMB Automiser 3.0 released

CMB Automiser 3.0 has been released with numerous features and bug fixes. This version is a complete rewrite to support python 3 and brings along fully documented and re-factored code. The 2.x series is hereby discontinued and all future development will focus on the 3.x series.

NOTE: Version 3.0.x project files cannot be opened on version 2.x.x and vice versa.

Changelist New featuresCMBs can now be exported as .xlsx file.Schedule and measurement lists can now be traversed using interactive search.New dialog for schedule item selection with better usability and interactive search support.New import dialog for spreadsheet allowing import of data from any portion of spreadsheet.Exit confirmation for main window and measurement items to prevent accidental data loss.Changes to documentation to reflect new features. Bug Fixes:  Codebase ported to python3 for future proofing.Modifying schedule after billing breaks bill.Modifying Measurements after billing breaks bill.Check feasibility …

CMB Automiser Version 2.2 Released

CMB Automiser Version 2.2 has been released with bugfixes and new features.

This will be the last major release in the 2.x series and the last to support python 2.7. Issues with unicode and hackish project format has made it imperative to port project to python 3.x for future proofing. Development will now focus on the 3.x series.

Changes from Version 2.1
Bug Fixes:Long tables fails to renderLatex fails due to small timeout valuePartial hack for Unicode supportMinor cleanupHelp file fails to launch on windows when program run from shortcutBill breaks when schedule items are edited New features:Items in measurements view and bills can now be edited by double clicking.Measurements view now remembers cursor position during additions, edits and deletions.Regular bill can now be copied as custom bill.
Downloads  Windows:cmbautomiser-win32-2-2-1.exe

School Choise: Socialised Education vs School Vouchers

The matter of choice in education involves two moral issues. Freedom of parents to choose the education they seem fit for their children. Right of the child to receive an education that would enable them to live a meaningful life they see fit. FREEDOM OF PARENTSIt has been an established legal concept all over the world that a person below the legal age of consent is incapable of making his own decisions and that authority should be left to the parent/guardian; a main component of which is education. This is regarded as a natural right in most cultures. It is also widely perceived that parents provide the best care for their children. This may be because the evolution into social primates has led to the inculcation of a strong sense of kin preference in humans. It is also the reason for the preference of foster care over institutional care in developed nations. Hence education which is one of the most important part of a child's development is better served if the decision is take…