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My forrays into automation

After a  Long time off the blog-o-sphere, this humble being is back with a bang!!!
    With tremendous amount of free time at his disposal and being an automation freak Mr.Manu Varkey took leave the blog-o-sphere and facebook-o-sphere and set out on a spiritual quest to automate every tiny bit of his official routine.
    It all began with this thought "I spend a lot of time on this task. I should write a program automating it!"
 (Source: .Thanks Randall, for this excellent strip.)
    Today Mr.Manu Varkey is glad to announce the first public release of his crazy automation effort!!! - the CMB Automiser Ver-2.0. The archaic excel macros where the program had its humble beginings are also released for a historical perspective! And Yes; being an ardent free software enthusiast all codes are released under the GNU GPL-3.0 license.

CMB Automiser
CMB Automiser is a CPWD billing application using computerised measurement books. CMB Automiser has been developed…