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My forrays into Automation reloaded!

After a round of bug fixes and fine tuning, CMB Automiser Ver 2.1.3 has been released. 

This maintenance release fixes the following bugs in Ver 2.1
Partial import of .xlsx files into schedule view.Items with special characters are not imported while importing from .xlsx file.Unable to render CMBs and Bills to locations having spaces in path name.Broken nnnnnT item.Error opening bill properties window when custom bill is selected as the previous bill.Total quantities displayed in measurements view are not rounded.File name not displayed in title bar.  This release also feature the debut of the following features.
Added a usage manual for CMB Automiser. The manual can be accessed from Help->Help. The usage manual also includes an introduction to public works quantity accounting using computerised measurement books for the uninitiated.New installer for windows. Now installing the CMB Automiser is easier than ever. Full backwards compatibility with project files created with CMB Automise…

My forrays into automation

After a  Long time off the blog-o-sphere, this humble being is back with a bang!!!
    With tremendous amount of free time at his disposal and being an automation freak Mr.Manu Varkey took leave the blog-o-sphere and facebook-o-sphere and set out on a spiritual quest to automate every tiny bit of his official routine.
    It all began with this thought "I spend a lot of time on this task. I should write a program automating it!"
 (Source: .Thanks Randall, for this excellent strip.)
    Today Mr.Manu Varkey is glad to announce the first public release of his crazy automation effort!!! - the CMB Automiser Ver-2.0. The archaic excel macros where the program had its humble beginings are also released for a historical perspective! And Yes; being an ardent free software enthusiast all codes are released under the GNU GPL-3.0 license.

CMB Automiser
CMB Automiser is a CPWD billing application using computerised measurement books. CMB Automiser has been developed…